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COVID-19 Process Update

Thursday, 18 June 2020 - 1:43am

Well done to everyone for being a part of the process and successfully flattening the curve so far!


It is important that as restrictions ease, we continue to ensure our practices are functioning in a way that reduces risks to our more vulnerable patients.

Although we are all eager to return to normality and to see more patients in person again, we are mindful that our practice, by its very nature, is a space for people with health issues/concerns and who are therefore more potentially susceptible to infections.


With this in mind we are proceeding with these measures:

  • We are continuing to offer telehealth appointments for patients who do not need to be seen in person. 
  • If you are booked for a face to face consultation, please present to the practice entrance and wait for a staff member to greet you.
  • Patients that do require to be seen in a face to face consultation will undergo COVID-19 screening measures before coming into the practice.  Please present at the time of your appointment and wait at the practice entrance until you are screened by a staff member.
    • You will be asked:
      • Have you had any cold or flu like symptoms?
      • Have you had a fever or recent high temperature?
      • Have you travelled overseas or interstate in the last 14 days?
      • Have you been in contact with a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19?
    • If you answer YES to ANY of the above, we kindly ask that you return to your car and wait for the doctor to call you.
    • If you answer NO to ALL of the above, you will be temperature checked and then seated in the waiting room.
  • We will be ensuring our waiting rooms allow for appropriate social distancing – you may be asked to wait in your car if there is not adequate space in the waiting area.
  • Please use the available hand sanitiser on entering the practice.

Please be mindful that although these measures can be frustrating at times, they are in place with the intention of protecting you and others around you. 

We really appreciate your ongoing cooperation and sincerely thank you for all of the patience and kindness you have shown our doctors and staff during this period.